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        2350 Paper Textures Bundle

        Don’t miss this astonishing assortment of 2,350 high res paper textures. You’ll get plain paper and cardboard textures, vintage and grunge textures, blueprints, canvas, maps, retro book covers, and much more.

        Paper textures are incredibly useful in graphic design. With this extensive collection on hand, you’ll be able to create stunning backgrounds and realistic paper elements within your designs.

        The textures are all high resolution and ready to be used for digital designs or for print.

        Why you’ll love it:

        There are countless instances where paper textures are appropriate and useful. This bundle gives you easy access to many different types of paper textures. You’ll have exactly what you need for just about any project, without searching for other textures or producing your own. You’ll save countless hours while creating beautiful designs.

        What’s included:

        2,350 paper textures in JPG format, 6000 x 4000 pixels, 300 dpi.

        • 480 Various Cardboard Paper Textures
        • 391 Vintage Paper Textures
        • 327 Old & Grunge Paper Textures
        • 315 Paper Collage Textures
        • 260 Crumpled Paper Textures
        • 130 Retro Book Covers
        • 92 Classic & Clean Paper Textures
        • 90 Cardboard Paper Textures
        • 85 Various Canvas Textures
        • 60 USSR Map Textures
        • 60 Tea & Coffee Stain Paper Textures
        • 60 Fabric Blueprint Textures

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